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  1. Bizzork1 checked into the game at UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
    Rule happened at 11:35 but UWM actually took the lead with under a minute remaining. Tickets through WSU were good. Sharif Chambliss autograph postgame. Parked under courthouse. WSU clinched a share of Horizon League title. UWM had been eliminated from HL Tourney contention so this was their last game. Hopefully last of Baldwin/Braun tenure but you never know. 10 tickets to 5 games cost $0 after they raised season ticket prices from $75 to $130 in a foregone conclusion lost season. Glad to stick it to the man.
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  2. Bizzork1 checked into the game at UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
    Went w/ Griffin & all 4 kids; got tickets through OU, very cool. Game over with around 14:00 left, UWM looked generally terrible as per usual this season. Kids got on the jumbotron a couple times, that was cool. Pounce bobblehead night but they were unbelievably sold out on those when we got in; about 3 times the normal crowd size for this season (so maybe 1500). For some reason we got stashed in the UWM family area which was bizarre, but not a bad deal.
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  3. Bizzork1 checked into the game at UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
    Bad game, bad team. Maybe the Panthers are just a bad dream. Nah, they played okay, UIC just played terribly. Jordan Blount got T'd up understandably, probably the dirtiest player I've seen in a while, definitely the roughest. Steve McClain got 2 Ts, both mainly for going to halfcourt to argue calls, one while the refs were reviewing Blount's shove. Tossed with 20 seconds left. Asked 3 groups if they had any extras, 1 guy did so I got a free seat. Henster was there, got to chat for a while, that was cool. Craig Counsell also there, very surprisingly. Baldwin came up to him when I was getting his autograph and said that they wanted the magic to rub off on them and that Counsell picked a good one to go to. Only 6 3-pointers but that was good enough for me. Parked on the bridge, that was cool.
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  4. StlVUFan checked into the game at UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
    Exciting game, decent crowd considering holidays, very cold weather, and no student section. Parking lot across Klibourn from the arena is more developed than 4 years ago when I first visited. Pleased to catch up with my good friend Jimmy (huge Panther fan and alum).
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  5. Bizzork1 checked into the game at UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
    Albany was nice enough to get me a ticket for this game; Griffin was intending to go but had car problems. Rule didn't happen until about 4:34 remaining so it was entertaining. If it weren't for an early lapse in defense on Jake Wright, I think Albany would have pulled it out. That said, UWM got them. Black Friday special of $2 sodas and $2 hot dogs, that was pretty cool. Had to truck in from New Glarus as we were there for Thanksgiving. Got legitimate chips & queso from Qdoba after the game, hunting for ticket stubs has proven to be a good option for that.
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  6. Bizzork1 checked into the game at UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
    Got a pass from LIU's Matt Vogel, good dude. Basketball quality was low in this one. LIU won by the rule with 4:32 left after blowing about 4 chances to get it earlier. Then they went and blew the 8-point lead in the remainder of regulation as UWM tied it with 7 seconds left. UWM won in OT. Tons of fouls made it go long even in reg. Got some free queso after even though UWM only hit 4 threes. Also got off with a verbal warning on an illegal u-turn right in front of a cop. Good parking about a block away when the bridge was full.
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