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Progressive Field

Home of the: Cleveland Indians


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  1. tparks7 checked into the game at Progressive Field
    Went with Dad. Sat 3 rows off field in middle of right field but it was hard to see so we moved up in the same section. In batting practice, I picked up a home run ball from Travis Hafner in right centerfield. In the game, Hafner and Sizemore both hit home runs. The Twins made 2 incredible web gems. Torii Hunter spun around going back on a ball and caught it over his shoulder before running into the wall. and second baseman Nick Punto field a ball hit up the middle with his bare hand and threw it to first in one motion.
  2. BrettBPSU checked into the game at Progressive Field
    Good game, got tickets from work. Very humid, went with Glen and Tim.
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