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  1. Bizzork1 checked into the game at Bradley Center
    Went w/ Bennett & Anna basically for free; Bennett had Kids Club ticket and Anna used the free Non-Con ticket that came with season tickets. Rule didn't happen until about 8:10 or so but MU led almost throughout. Arrived late (under 12 TO) as we got a late start with dinner & rush hour traffic didn't help us out. Parking was awesome though, went to yellow lot & they didn't have signs out; ended up being $2.00 for the whole time. First time seeing Vermont on the road although 2nd time in the BC as they'd been there in March for the NCAAs. Not a ton of defense in this game. Was thinking Pistons would be at the game since Buycks and Ellenson (and Luke Kennard) were on the team, no one showed even though the seats seemed to have been reserved for them. Kids were great, handled lack of snack well & stayed until the under 4, could have made it the whole game but I gave them the option.
  2. Bizzork1 checked into the game at Bradley Center
    Luckily started late (like 1:10 instead of 1:00 - CBSN the culprit somehow) as I was late, had dropped kids off @ Griffin's & had to pick up future tickets at Will Call; gambled and lost that the clockwise circle around the new Bucks arena would be faster than around the BC, then had to double back. 1 for 2 on soda attempts, first was thwarted as the lady I'd had call downstairs last time was consulted virtually immediately. Very back-and-forth the whole time I was there, had to leave with about 2:00 left as the kids had arrived across the street for game #2 of the day. First time seeing Georgia at all, team #272; #390 in game combos and #543 overall. Will hopefully see them again at the SEC Tourney but this was nice to knock them out for sure; plus the road factor. Georgia must have ruled them after I left, so a very late rule. MU players picked Offense over Defense 7-4 in the Qdoba Either Or Challenge, which I found humorous as I'm sure Wojo would have been kind of pissed about that, although it is an accurate reflection of this team.
  3. Bizzork1 checked into the game at Bradley Center
    EIU won by the rule @ 6:59 but MU broke it after getting it to OT. Dama was very good but fouled out in the last minute of regulation, which didn't help the Panthers. Cheatham had transferred earlier in the day/week so that really hindered MU. Tone Boyle on the sidelines as an assistant at EIU, former UWM player. Starks, Dama, Crossland and D'Angelo Jackson all very good D1 players with them, could see a scenario where Dama could help an NBA team.
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