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  1. Pastor checked into the game at PNC Park
    12th home opener in a row (No fans in 2020)
  2. UnHalfBrickLayer checked into the game at Wrigley Field
    another Worldcon in Chicago? migjt as well go see the cubs again on Aug 30 again. 12 years to the day from my first visit to Wrigley went with Iain, Jim Murray, and Eric Orth. game went very long but the cubs came from behind to win it. Section 216-3 Row 19 Seat 2
  3. UnHalfBrickLayer checked into the game at Wrigley Field
    a Wednesday day game at Wrigley? don't mind if i do. I was ar the Chicago Worldcon with Ed Dravexkey and the cubs were in town. a no brainer. Sec 235 Row 20 Seat 109
  4. Bfried27 checked into the game at Busch Stadium III
    Went w/Brett. Flew out to Chicago to see a game during the pandemic. Got tix on one of the Wrigley Rooftops. Only about 50 people. Chatwood started for the Cubs, had 11 Ks. Happ, Baez and Schwarber all hit bombs. Also saw the most unreal sunset. In a time when we needed baseball, we got to see it live... with zero fans in the stands. Once in a lifetime opportunity. Cubs Win!