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  1. ChrisRogers checked into the game at Lambeau Field
    My first trip to Lambeau w/Jim....It was truly the frozen tundra as the game was well below zero and it was easy to understand why this is such a magical place. The Packers D held Barry Sanders to negative yards rushing! Of course Favre was simply brilliant to watch....
  2. ChrisRogers checked into the game at Soldier Field
    K and I made the trip down to Soldier Field for this could be once in a lifetime game only to have our hearts ripped out of our chests as Cutler spent the 2nd half riding an exercise bike while the Bears couldn't find a way to beat the Packers to advance to the Super Bowl...EASILY the saddest "in-person" sporting event we have ever attended :(
  3. ChrisRogers checked into the game at Lambeau Field
    Wolfe and I were utterly dumbfounded from the first Grossman TD pass until the 4th Quarter as the Green Bay faithful began to empty the stands as the Bears cruised to a 26-0 victory to start the magical Super Bowl run of 2006.....

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