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  1. CraigCaswell checked into the game at Lambeau Field
    I spent my ticket money this year to take my old man to Lambeau. Amazing seats, amazing trip, amazing time. I teared up a little as we entered the stadium bowl, which is kind of stupid, but kind of cool. It meant a lot to Dad that we were able to go, and the Lions lost (naturally), but we had a great time anyway. Putting cardboard under our feet, bundled up to the nines. Bucket list venue checked off!
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  2. CraigCaswell checked into the game at Ford Field
    I had just started my internship at Fox 2, but I had already made my bed with my internship supervisor. Decided that taking my old man to see the Lions was more important than writing down timestamps of key plays. The decision was pretty unprofessional, but I stand by it.
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