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  1. Bfried27 checked into the game at MetLife Stadium
    Went with Vega and Thomas. MNF. 2nd yr in a row seeing Cowboys on MNF w/Vega. Lot of Field Goals. Golden Tate had an awesome catch on the 1yd line. After the TD, a black cat ran onto the field. Took a few min to finally get it off. After, the Giants didnt score a touchdown and the Cowboys scored all of theirs to take a lead. Fumble recovery for a td made it a blowout
  2. Euleca2 checked into the game at Giants Stadium
    Eli audibles at goalline to win first game
    about 1 month ago View Checkin Details
  3. Vito checked into the game at Texas Stadium
    Thanksgiving Day with Linda at the old Texas Stadium. Actually snowed during the game. Tony Romo and TO lead the Cowboys over Kellen Clemens and the Jets. Kelly Clarkson performed at halftime.
    about 1 month ago View Checkin Details

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