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  1. Rosenbloom checked into the game at Staples Center
    I bought a single ticket while driving home from work, and after the one I purchased didn't come through, Vivid seats sent me a replacement - in section 301, row 15, seat 27 - with my back against the Staples Center ceiling. When standing, I was literally the highest up person in the arena, unless there were people in the catwalk. It had a good perspective along the free throw line and was a nice place to sit alone, except for the thousands of lakers fans in nearly all gold memorial Kobe shirts that surrounded me. I talked with some and shared memories of the games we most remembered. I met Daniel at halftime and quickly got a hot dog before watching Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth's performance. I had just barely made it inside in time to hear LeBron's speech and Boyz II Men sing the national anthem before the game. I stood in a 100 level entry way with a group of firemen for the tribute, in what was one of the most insane experiences I have had.  It was a very emotional scene inside and out, which I noticed when I left and saw thousands mourning, reading and writing notes and leaving behind gifts. Lillard continued his incredible run of games, with a classic 48/10/9 performance and a dunk through traffic that had the entire crowd erupting. Daniel texted me midway through the third quarter that the guys next to him put their coats on and left, so I moved down to the fourth row for the final quarter, and watched the end of the game with him.
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  2. Rosenbloom checked into the game at Moda Center
    Whiteside was ruled out on the way to Moda, leaving Tolliver starting at center trying to defend the paint against Giannis. He was dominant from the get go, as Milwaukee held a lead throughout. It was Mark Mason's 1,000th game as Blazers PA Announcer. SEC: 101 Row: D Seats: 1-2
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