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  1. Major drifting snow on the way in; record-low temperatures coming so they moved the game time up from 7 PM to 5 PM. This was somewhat annoying and I had to take 2 hours off of work. Went w/ Griffin. Damon Key's son Jaylen was on NIU. First game for me @ NIU. Cool arena, the floor is sweet with the black midcourt and husky eyes, then hardwood 3-point areas. Got a hot dog & chips for $6. Parked in the Southeast lot and walked in, they escorted us to the ticket area indoors, which was awesome, I was happy that we didn't have to walk outdoors. Free parking was cool. They closed off the "upper deck" so all seats were GA and $8, didn't need to pay $10 to sit lower level, that was nice. Rule happened around 3:39 remaining, NIU got the home win.
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  2. lovebobcat checked into the game at Convocation Center (Ohio)
    Exciting game, with 19 lead changes -- including the go-ahead 3-pointer by Gavin Block with 38 seconds left. Jason Carter scored all of his team-high 16 points after halftime to rally the Bobcats; Block added 15. Went with the Ransoms. First time seeing the new video board, which looks great.
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